Maria Barone is the best divorce attorney. She doesn't just simply take your case and think of her bottom line. She truly looks out for your best intersts. My ex-husband's attorney played the role well. He acted like he wanted the best for us and our kids. However, it was always about his bottom line. In the end, my ex realized that an amicable solution was better for both of us and our children. In fact, he has recommended Maria to his friends and family. That says enough by itself. Thanks Maria
Jennifer K.
Canton, Michigan
My experience with Barone Law Offices was outstanding! Maria Barone is an excellent attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend her. A divorce is never easy, but from the moment I met her I felt at ease. She was compassionate, professional and fierce in her representation of my interests. Needless to say although no one ever truly wins in a divorce, I definitely feel I won!
Maria Barone is an absolutely amazing attorney! She took the most difficult experience in my life and made it as gentle as possible. I highly recommend Maria's services! Her staff is as incredible as she is.
Maria Barone is HIGHLY recommended!!! Her reliability, professionalism and willingness do do follow-up are admirable. She knowledgeable and puts the client at ease while keeping them well-informed. My highest rating!!
I was not sure who I would hire as a attorney as I was going through a divorce, Maria Barone was recommended to me by a sitting Judge on the 3rd Circuit Court in Wayne County which in return I have received superb legal representation. I would “highly recommend” Barone Law Offices for your legal needs. Maria Barone is a compassionate and caring attorney that took my divorce case and post judgment issues. Barone Law has answered all emails and phone calls with my questions during my divorce and post divorce. Most importantly they are a small law firm that understands the concerns and personal needs of their clients . Maria successively defended me in a change of domicile case which kept my children in Michigan.
John N.
Canton, Michigan
I was referred to Joe Barone by a local police officer who said that Joe was the attorney to contact for any matter in the 35th District Court. This was the best advice I had received in years. From the very moment we entered the building, it was apparent that Joe knew that courthouse like the back of his hand. His relationship with the prosecutor and the judge made this difficult process a lot less painful for me. Joe is a class act and clearly one of the top attorneys in our community.
John K.
Canton, Michigan
Maria handled my divorce promptly and professionally. Her sensitivity in dealing with this difficult situation was very encouraging. She is a pleasure to work with.
Michael K.
Northville, Michigan
Being somewhat weary of attorneys, I had put off setting up my estate plan for many years despite knowing that I needed one. I asked a neighbor if they had any recommendations for an estate planning attorney. They highly recommended Joe Barone. This advice was spot on. Joe Barone made the process as simple as possible and he explained everthing to me in plain English. He is extremely educated and knowledgable. He was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Joe Barone for your estate planning needs.
Kimberly T.
Plymouth, Michigan
Joe Barone is one of the best attorneys around. Being such a personable guy, I never imagined that he could be such an effective advocate in the courtroom. The jury felt the same way. Thanks Joe. Top notch representation.
Dan C.
Canton, Michigan